The Cyclo-Charger

Introducing the Newest Innovation for Air Intakes
Faster Acceleration

The instant boost in RPM’s allows you to utilize your horsepower faster! Cycle-Charger© gives you a boost at the start of acceleration.

A Better Fuel Mixture

Spinning air into your motor develops a “cloud-like” effect which burns fuel efficiently and smooths engine vibrations.

Easy Installation

Installing the Cyclo-Charger’s Throttle Body requires minimal time and can be done by any certified mechanic.

Patented Design

The Cyclo-Charger has a unique patented design making it a one of a kind product in the markteplace.

The Cyclo-Charger

The Cyclo-Charger works on all Gasoline Motors
The Future of Air Flow Starts Here with our Patented Throttle Body Design!

Cyclones have tremendous amounts of energy. Inside of a Hurricane, Air & Water molecules mix “more finely” together, forming a cloud-like vapor as the mixture organizes into a vortex of powerful energy.

Rotating air to improve velocity and air to fuel mixture was originally patented in 1912. Since then, many devices have been created to spin air into a motor but none of these products have used the throttle plate to spin the air.
The problem previously faced by rotating air before the throttle plate is that once the vortex hits the plate, the spinning of air is interfered by the plate itself. This is why most devices are not very effective.

The Cyclo-Charger’s patented throttle body design turns your throttle plate into blades that effectively spin the air all of the way into the combustion chambers.
The Benefits include:

  • Increased Acceleration

    The helical effect causes air molecules to organize and maintain high velocity. This allows you to Utilize your Maximum Horsepower Faster!

  • A Cleaner more Efficient Fuel Burn

    Creating atomization of fuel produces a cloud like mixture of fuel for your motor to burn more effectively and efficiently.

  • Reduced Engine Vibrations

    By creating air organization, less bogging and vibrations happen. It also provides a more even distribution of air and fuel to each cylinder.

  • Better Emissions

    A cleaner burn reduces the fuel vapor emissions in your motor. This may reduce or eliminate the need for a catalytic converter.

The Inventor of Cyclo-charger

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs
David Reynard
David Reynard
The Inventor
Dave is a pure genius when it comes to physics and science. He holds a number of patents due to his his creativity and ingenuity when it comes to product innovation. Dave visualized the concept of cyclocharger as a young man for his dirt bike. More than twenty years later after building multiple successful companies based on his inventions, he filed for a utility patent on the cyclo-charger throttle body design and tested it on his Ferrari.

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